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ABOUT John and His Events

John’s Aim: To present the Christian Faith in an exciting way that will appeal to all ages whether they have a long church background or none at all. He is a storyteller, singer, songwriter and musician, puppeteer, juggler, writer of scripts and resource books, and produces CDs and DVDs of Christian songs.


Formerly the leader of the Saltmine Children's Team.

John led children's work and all-age worship at Spring Harvest, Easter People, The Baptist Assembly, and many other conferences. He loves the opportunity of leading School Assemblies, RE Days in Primary schools, Holiday Clubs, Family Praise Parties/All-age Services/Messy church celebrations. He also leads training days with churches about being creative and interactive as they engage with children. See event ideas below.


John is based in Cambridgeshire and travels widely to provide interactive activities for many different Churches, schools, and organisations: (much of John's work receives little or no income so if you would like to donate then that would keep enabling me to lead events like school assembles etc)  





        Local Primary School Tour 

(on behalf of a church) then maybe followed by a Saturday or weekend of events

School Assemblies and RE DAYS

Schools - Email me to book an assembly and RE Day

RE DAYS: - I've been leading these for over 20 years:

My 12 Different Themes include 

Advent and Christmas - Lent and Easter - Hooray for Harvest - Walking into Narnia - Christianity Worldwide

Firm Foundations - Creation Appreciation - Love thy Neighbour but who is that?  

What is so Special about the Bible?  -  What makes a True Champion, and is Sport in the Bible?  

Nobody is a Nobody but who am I? - After the war is over!   - contact me to find out more 

Churches invite me to go into your local school(s) on your behalf 

An Outreach Family Breakfast

followed by me entertaining everyone with a simple gospel message!

Messy Church Special / Family Special Event / Praise Party / Concert

Creative Communications Training Session

RE Days in Primary Schools

All-age Services and Celebrations

(could be part of a weekend of children-focused events)

Holiday Clubs - 

(I'll come and lead your up-front teaching/presentation in a fun and engaging way)

Sing Song Sessions in Primary Schools

Sing-Along Sessions for Older People  


I've written more than 10-holiday club themes and books and have written hundreds of Christian children's songs and Bible Verse songs.


I've also produced CDs, DVDs and MP3 downloads of my songs for you to listen to and enjoy.


My latest venture is the 'BigBibleVerseChallenge' where you can learn 52 Bible verses all for free!








I spend a great deal of time visiting schools all year round ranging from 60 to 600 children! I lead assemblies in Primary Schools and can host an RE day or lesson for different age groups.I can create a wide range of theme topics that work with your curriculum topic. For example, themes on forgiveness, friendship, peace (after the war is over), compassion, Advent and Christmas, and Easter. 


A typical school assembly would include a fun theme introduction, a visit from Charlie the Cheeky Monkey, a fun retelling of a Bible story, lots of singing and a time for prayer.

I am also available for RE days in schools and can provide a wide range of themes ranging from The Bible, What it means to be a Christian, Christian life, what is Faith. I can also create new themes alongside a schools term topic so please get in touch if you have a topic you would like me to work on. 




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"Thank so much for today's RE Day, it is always a pleasure to watch the sheer joy and engagement of the children. Clear messages delivered in such an exciting way."

Louise Clark, Head of Linton Primary School, Cambridge

Please contact me if you would like any more information about what I do or whether you would like to book me for an event!


In 1989 John joined and later led 'The Saltmine Trust Children's Team' for five years.


Still going strong he has had the privilege of working in Bognor, Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Bulgaria and Beruit. They even let him loose in Dubai, Uganda, and Washington DC.


He loves coming home to pie and chips!


His home is Willingham in Cambridge. 


John works under the umbrella of Counties; who help support around 40 self-employed Christian evangelists in the UK. Link:

John is the co-founder of GenR8 who works in schools around Cambridge and beyond. Link:

John leads RE Day's in schools on for years on behalf of Barnabas but now independently.

Over 100 Songs!

You can view over 100 songs on my youtube channel - click here to see more

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Support John!

If you would like to support John in his ministry then please click the button below to make a secure donation today

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