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My 50 Songs CD - now available as a download on MP3. Including: Action Songs, Bible Songs Christmas songs, Easter songs and loads more.


Including: Action Songs, Bible Songs Christmas songs, Easter songs and loads more.


Includes all the songs from my '34 Songs for all Occasions’ now plus16 more songs from various publications. Including: Christmas Songs, Easter Songs, Palm Sunday Songs, Pentecost Song, Harvest Songs, Bible Verse Songs, Songs of Celebration.


Full piano arrangements for each song is also available in the 50 Songs for All Ocassons Music Book (Hard copy of PDF) on this website


Songs include - See Below for a full list of songs"John's songs are some of the best for all age services and children’s clubs!


They engage the young and the old and unpack Gods Word in a fun and lively way!"Rachael Orrell: 'Spring Harvest' Event Management Committee


Song List:

A Band of Angels (Christmas)

A Huge Thank you

Anytime Anywhere

At the Name of Jesus (Bible Song)

Baby Jesus (Christmas)

Be Kind and Compassionate (Bible Song)

Cartoon Land

Celebration, Celebration (Christmas)

Come on Lets Celebrate

Declare it

Do you know

Do you not know (Bible Song)

Down in the Jungle

Enjoy, Enjoy
Everyone who calls
52 Mab Street (Disciple Song)
For God So Loved the world (anytime +Easter)
Gentle Hands
Give me your love
Go and See (Christmas)
God loves you when
God’s People arn't super brave super heroes
God Has Won (We are on the victory side)
He has risen (Easter)
He’s a Rock (Bible Song)
Hope in the Lord (Bible Song)
How broad, how long (Bible Song)
Image of God
Keep Yourself in Training (Bible Song)
Let the little Children (Bible Song)
Love = Action (Bible Song)
Jesus Never, never, never turned anyone away 
New Creation (Bible Song)
New Generation
Nobody’s a Nobody
No More Waiting (Pentecost)
On Good Friday (Easter)
One or Two Words

Out Of Our WayPray,

Pray (Never give up) (Bible Song)

Power of the Lord

Share the Good News

Sing Hosanna, Shout Hurray (Palm Sunday)

Speak Lord (refecltive Bible Song)

Taste and See (Harvest + Bible Song)

Think About Such Things (Bible Song)

Toybox Song (All are welcome)

Trust in the Lord (Action Bible Song -

Variety, variety (Harvest)

V.I.P (Self esteem song)

50 Songs For All Occasions MP3's download

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