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Action Packed Praise 2 includes the songs and Bible stories to go along with holiday club theme/book Junior Heroes

Action Packed Praise 2 DVD and free CD has been very well received selling over 100 copies in the first day!


David Coffey, President of the Baptist Union Worldwide said:
"His Grandchildren were mesmerised by it and enjoyed it so much they brought the neighbours children in to watch it with them!


Song List:

  • Junior Heroes song (+ backing track)
  • Great joy (+ backing track)
  • Trust in the Lord (+ backing track)
  • Be kind and compassionate (+ backing track)
  • Go, go go (+ backing track)
  • Whatever is true (+ backing track)
  • Jesus went out of his way
  • It's time for a celebration
  • He's a rock
  • He loves to hear us
  • God knows my name / Isn't it good
  • Hope in the Lord
  • Gentle hands
  • Thank you heavenly Father
  • The Girls' Brigade song


Extra features!

Bible Stories told ‘live’ by John Hardwick at a holiday club:

  • Samuel
  • Feeding 5000
  • David and Goliath
  • Naaman
  • King Josiah


especially included for those doing my Jungle Jamboree Holiday Club:

The ‘Jungle Jamboree’ Watt Family Adventure!


Learn to spin a Stick with Grandma Watt!

Action Packed Praise 2 CD

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