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Many of the Action songs on Action Packed Praise 1 (DVD+CD) have become classics! Still favourites to many  Children in churches and schools across the UK and wider. Including Nobody's a Nobody, God's People, For God So Loved the World, Jesus never turned, Trust in the Lord with all your heart,  How broad, How long! anyone away,
and absolute favourite Christmas song 'A Band of Angels'

This re-release on DVD & CD now has more to offer with 18 songs and extra features remains John's best selling album.

Or the Video songs (AVI) are now available as a 'download' - (I will have to do this manually as it's a large download - so may not happen immediately) Available on request, otherwise, I'll send the DVD

DVD & CD with 18 songs (including songs for the Jungle Jamboree holiday club book).


Song List:

  • God’s People                                                (fun action song)
  • Trust in the Lord                                            (Action Bible Verses Song)
  • Come On Let’s Celebrate
  • Made in the Image of God
  • New Generation
  • For God so loved the world                         (Quite, reflective, all-age worship song with sign language)
  • A Band of Angels                                          
  • How Broad, How Long                                 (You can keep fit to this one!)
  • Keep yourself in training
  • Anytime Anywhere
  • Never, Never, Never                                      ('Jesus never turned anyone away' has a message people appreciate)
  • Nobody’s a Nobody                                      (favourite in schools)
  • Enjoy, Enjoy                                                    (came 2nd in  'Family
  • Friendly churches' favourite children song competition)

    Extra Jungle Jamboree holiday club songs on DVD+CD
  • Jungle Jamboree
  • J.O.B. 23 verse 12
  • The Son of man has come
  • The Lord is Gracious
  • New Strength

++  Extra features!  ++
++  Learn to Juggle with Grandma Watt!  ++

This is also available as a 'download' video song files and mp3s. This is large if so needs to be sent manually. Contact me if you'd like the download instead.

Action Packed Praise DVD+CD

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