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The Christmas Story - The Birth of Jesus -



MOVING ADVENT CALENDAR  Script and Songs by John Hardwick Tells the Christmas Story in a fun way using puppets acting and singing!  Like a normal Advent Calendar you'll be able to click on a DOOR and WATCH it OPEN and see that days adventure. All-online  


An Ideal little gift to send as an email attachment to your grandchildren, nieces and nephew,  children in your church groups, local primary school teacher. And you can send them all around the world.


(Works fine on most computers and laptops  attachments, but the doors maybe too small to work on a mobile phone attachment - if this is the case then direct them to the calender on my website )

Ideal for PRIMARY SCHOOLS - watch on your smart-board or screen (why not make it 12 Days Christmas Countdown and Open 2 Doors and Day) either in school or as part of your Home Schooling. CHURCHES - During Lockdown, it's tough getting a Nativity sorted so this could really help. And open doors each Sunday during Advent and Countdown to Christmas! PARENTS / GRANDPARENTS - 'OPEN A DOOR A DAY' a special treat for your children during this tough and strange time for them. The Christmas Story - The Birth of Jesus - Puppet Nativity And why not perform it next year yourselves


ADVENT CALENDAR 'Online' Puppets CountdownToChristmas

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