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The Adventure Cruise Holiday Club PDF Download


The Adventure Cruise Holiday Club   

Please Note that this is a PDF Version of the book. The Hardcopy of the book is now unavailable. 

Vacation Bible School. VBS theme / VBS Curriculum / Christian Holiday Club

Eden Recommendation: This resource is absolutely packed with, well... everything! Plus it’s very adaptable and flexible. John Hardwick never fails to balance play, laughter & learning with perfection. Ideal for churches with limited space, leaders who need a no-hassle resource. (Suitable for age 5-11's)

Exciting programme suggestions for use with both holiday clubs and midweek clubs.

Pull up the anchor and get ready to sail as The Adventure Cruise launches into a programme of fun-filled activities for 5-11s. Cruise six 'C's and meet people along the way whose lives changed course when they met Jesus. Discover their stories through the six 'C's of choice, courage, call, change, commitment and challenge, and find out how we too can get on board with Jesus.

Each of the six themes is unpacked through an exciting mix of songs; up-front talks and theme illustrations; team challenges; daily dramas with the ever-popular Watt family; crafts; games; puppet sketches; dramatised Bible stories; quizzes and funsheets, all provided off-the-peg and ready to roll. There are also hints and tips for setting up your club, suggested programme outlines, creative prayer activities, songs on youtube and will soon be available on DVD+CD ; templates for posters, badges, invitations and registration sheets; and ideas for an extra event.


Ideal for 5-11s in midweek and holiday clubs.

From the Introduction:

Pull up the anchor and get ready to sail as The Adventure Cruise launches into a programme of simple, fun-to-do activities. 

We'll be cruising the six 'C's, meeting people along the way who have had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. First of all there is the 'C' of Choice, then Courage, Call,Change, Commitment and Challenge. Just like the people we meet in the Bible stories about Jesus, we have choices to make, many of which will involve a great deal of courage. As Christians, we believe that God calls us to meet with Jesus and allow him to change our lives. God is committed to us and, when we choose to follow him, we too must be committed - to God and to one another. Often our choice challenges us to make a change which is well worth making, so don't miss out: step aboard as we sail away on The Adventure Cruise!


The Adventure Cruise contains all the essential ingredients for a successful, easy-to-run midweek or holiday club programme, including:

  • Songs: Songs that we learn as children stay with us right through our lives. They are a wonderful way of planting biblical truths in a fun way. Children love helping with actions for songs, so why not ask for volunteers to join those who are leading the actions, to demonstrate them for the rest of the children.
  • Opening talks: A short talk to introduce the theme.
  • Theme illustrations and challenges: A fun way of getting children involved in the upfront times, plus a creative way to illustrate the theme.
  • The Watt family serial drama: The Watt family find themselves battling against pirates on a modern cruise liner. Yes, pirates still exist - but they are not exciting heroes, just a bunch of crooks. The Watt family save the day on the adventure cruise of a lifetime. The daily instalments can be performed by a drama group, listened to on CD (visit www. or read as an adventure story. The Watt family serial drama helps set the scene and leaves the children on a cliffhanger each time, ensuring that they are keen to return to hear the next episode.
  • Crafts: A range of simple crafts ideas that fit with the theme of the programme.
  • Games: Team games for the children to enjoy. Also good for spending excess energy.
  • Puppet sketches: A fun way to introduce and reinforce the theme for the day.
  • Quick quiz questions: An ideal way to recap and reinforce in a fun way what the children have learned. Also, a way of earning points for the teams or tokens to spend.
  • Bible story narrations: Many children attending a holiday or midweek club know few stories from the Bible, so this is a wonderful opportunity to teach them. There are profound lessons to be learned from the amazing stories, so please never feel that we have outgrown them.
  • Prayers: A quiet way to explore the theme.
  • Time fillers: Ideas for expanding the programme as required.
  • Templates: Simple ideas for creating the publicity and administration items for your club.
  • Badges, invitation cards, registration form and presentation poster.

Photocopy permission is given on all scripts and music notation for the theme songs and memory verses, as well as the templates for the crafts, publicity, and administration forms.

The songs within The Adventure Cruise Midweek and Holiday Club Programme are available on a DVD and Master CD directly from

The Adventure Cruise Holiday Club / VBS PDF Book

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