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Children's Talks with Puppet Sketches - Book 1


Contents: 18 Puppet Sketches with Talks/Bible Story, for all occasions. 
Size:       A4, 96 pages

Ideal for Primary school assemblies, Children’s talks in church services, and mid-week kids clubs)

If you're a beginner there's an introduction to working with puppets, explaining the benefits and various techniques, and you will also discover many useful tips for producing a polished and meaningful performance. Not only will this book bring your talks to life, it will also herald the start of a new, lifelong friendship as you and your puppet get to know each other. Children will also get to know you and your puppet, and will eagerly await his or her next appearance! Who knows, your puppet might receive the ultimate accolade and be invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of a new building - an honour shared by John and his cheeky friend, Micky the Monkey.


Why use puppets?
Styles : Puppet to human
Styles : Puppet to puppet
Styles : The puppet theatre
Styles : A puppet Screen



  • Actions Speak Louder than words (Father’s Day)
  • A Huge Thank You!
  • Better to give than Receive (Harvest Theme)
  • Christmas Means
  • Dare to be different
  • Don’t be in such a hurry (listening)
  • Forgiving isn’t easy
  • If I were king! (Palm Sunday)
  • It takes Courage
  • Learn to listen to learn!
  • Never turn anyone away (self-esteem)
  • New Faces (Welcoming – new term)
  • New Start (Beginning of year)
  • Nobody’s a Nobody (respect)
  • One Lie leads to another Sharing (Christian Aid)
  • Stick Together (team work)
  • There’s no place like home (homeless, winter)
  • Those who look after us (Mothers day)

Children's Talks with Puppet Sketches

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