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Cops and Robbers DVD and Master CD

John Hardwick

Cops and Robbers DVD+ Master CD  (Master CD allows you to make up to 40 copies to give to kids who come to your club)
Check out John's Cops and Robbers Holiday Club, VBS Book.   Christian Holiday Club

1. Cops and Robbers Theme song
2. I know the plans I have for you!
3. Speak the truth!
4. Hold on tightly
5. Set Free!
6. Be Kind!
7. Wisdom from Above
8. Forgiving Isn’t easy!   (see on youtube: )

Bible Stories
1. Cool Coat Joe!    Check out story on you tube 
2. Brother For Sale 
3. Joseph  - go to jail!
4. The king and Joe – best mates!
5. Family Reunited!

CD of songs 
 1.  Cops and Robbers theme Song
         (Backing Track  11)
  2.  I know the plans I have for you
        (Backing Track  12)
  3.  Speak the Truth  (BT 13)
  4.  Hold on tightly (BT 14)
  5.  Set Free! (BT 15)
  6 . Be Kind! (BT 16)
Extra Songs
  7. Wisdom from above (BT 17)
  8. Forgiving isn’t easy!
  9. God’s People (BT 18)
  10. For God So Loved (BT 19)

All songs by John Hardwick  (please remember when using songs at your schools or clubs to remember to register with CCLI (Christian Copy Right) this helps John produce more resources! 

Cops and Robbers DVD+CD master

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