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Junior Heroes Holiday Club PDF Book And MP3 & Video Songs, and simple video's of interactive poems and rhymes - So much more than just a book.

John Hardwick


Junior Heroes Holiday Club 

Join the Watt Family as they battle against the dastardly Baron Toothache! Junior Heroes holiday club focuses on superheroes, exploring the junior heroes (children) of the Bible. (Only available as a Download, not an actual paper hardcopy book).

1. Samuel, the boy who God spoke to

2. The boy who helped feed 5,000 men

3. David, the brave lad who God gave the victory to

4. The Servant Girl saved the mighty General Naaman

5. The boy King Josiah who brought his people back to God


The Church Times writes: I’m a John Hardwick fan; so it is good to know that he has produced more Holiday Club material. I’ve not yet had a chance to try out this book, but on first reading it looks as useful as his previous publications. Junior Heroes! explores the lives of young people of faith whom God used to do his work, and whose stories are told in scripture. The book provides guidelines for putting on a club, a suggested timetable and programme, theme songs, ideas for talks, games, crafts, puppet sketches, worksheets, and so on. There is also material for an end-of-club event, or slot in a service (Publisher: Barnabas).

Vacation Bible School. VBS theme / VBS Curriculum / 

PDF Book And MP3 & Video Songs, and simple video's of Bible Stories (John telling them 'live' at a holiday club) - So much more than just a book! (not an actual paper hardcopy book)

Eden Recommendations: This resource is absolutely packed with, well... everything! Plus it’s very adaptable and flexible. John Hardwick never fails to balance play, laughter & learning with perfection. Ideal for churches with limited space, leaders who need a no-hassle resource. (Suitable for age 5-11's)

Junior Heroes

With a Watt Family serial drama featuring the dastardly Baron Toothache, the Junior Heroes! holiday club focuses on superheroes, exploring the great heroes of the Bible – many of whom were children – and the armour of God.

This book contains all you need for another off-the-peg, easy-to-run holiday club (like 'Champions!') for 5-11's with a great atmosphere and loads of fun! 

You'll find all the details for a five-day programme, including songs, bible stories (parables), them