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Life's An Adventure 
Leslie Hardwick's Journey of Faith(DVD+CD-Rom)


A Quiet time during the air-raids!

A Passion to Preach During the 2nd world war in Birmingham with air-raids every night, a church decided to run a campaign to reach children who hadn’t been evacuated! “Can I go?” one 9 year old asked his Mum, “No! We don’t believe in Jesus in this house!” But the boy pestered and pestered until his mum gave in, that little boy became a Christian and the whole direction of his life changed and now several of his children and grandchildren are also following and serving the Lord! He’s now 84 and still as passionate about Jesus as ever! 68 years experience and still passionate about preaching and sharing the gospel. 

Double Disc: Disk 1: DVD 
‘Life’s An Adventure’ Leslie talks about his ‘Journey of Faith ‘ Including - Life as a child growing up in the 2nd World War. - a decision made as a child that - changed the direction of his life - being a father of six children and more!! - being at witness at work! (Leading a Glaswegian boxer to the Lord)

Disk 2: Computer disk 
Including: - 
1. a ‘Passion To Preach’ Preaching Course (listen a a recording and 'Passion to Preach' notes.
2. House Group discussions (watch a clip of the DVD and discuss the themes)
3. listen to 14 of Leslie’s sermons (mp3’s)
4. isten to stories from family and friends mp3s)


"It was a pleasure to film you Leslie. Your story is truly inspirational” Alistair @ ACM studios.

“I’ve worked on building sites with Les and know tough builders became Christians! And I heard him preach in churches with power, he's like an English Billy Graham! His life is a real inspiration! “ Paul the painter!

"I love hearing him preach!“ Carol from Cornwall

"My Father may not be a famous Christian but his story and journey of faith is well worth hearing! This is also a great resource for those wanting to share the gospel ". John Hardwick

Leslie Hardwick - Life's an Adventure

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