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Razzmatazz Robots CD & DVD


If your using the Razzmatazz Robots Holiday Club book then this is for you!


  • CD

  • Razzamatazz Theme Song

  • Razzamatazz Cool Bible Verse songs

  • Backing Tracks to all the above

  • Plus extra favourite songs


  • DVD

  • The Razzamatazz Watt Family Adventure
  • Theme Song and Bible Memory verse Songs.
  • Bible Stories

  • Cool Robot Quiz Board

Song List:

1. Razzmatazz Robots Theme Song
2. Razz Rap
3. It Was Good
4. I Will Praise You
5. Remember, Remember
6. Love The Lord
7. Who Said "I Am The Way"
8. God's People
9. Never, Never
10. Come On Let's Celebrate
11. For God So Loved The World
12. Razz Chat

Backing Tracks:

13. Razzmatazz Robots Theme Song
14. Razz Rap
15. It Was Good
16. I Will Praise You
17. Remember, Remember
18. Love The Lord
19. Who Said "I Am The Way"

Drama Song:

20. Watt Family


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Razz Robots DVD+CD

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