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Recorded Puppet Skits 


For 2 of John's holiday club theme; The Adventure Cruise and Cop and Robbers

by John Hardwick. Or they can be used as stand-alone scripts for a one-off event. 


The Zip folder includes 12 recordings of Bert and Lucy puppet skits and a 'print-off the pages you need' PDF book so you can lip sync along with the recorded scripts. 


These recorded puppet skits mean using puppets couldn’t be easier! Lively and fun recording that you simply mime and lip sync along too.



Below skits are taken from my Adventure Cruise holiday Club theme or can be used as a stand-alone skit!


  • Choice                           page 3
  • Courage                        page 4
  • Commitment                page 5
  • Call                                page 5
  • Change                          page 7
  • Challenge and Cost      page 8


Below skits are taken from my Cops and Robbers holiday Club theme or can be used stand-alone skit!


  • The Plot                        page 9
  • The Crime                     page 10
  • Falsely Accused            page 12
  • Following the Rules     page 14
  • Forgiving isn’t easy      page 15
  • Doing My Bit!               page 16

Recorded Puppet Skits 'Bert and Lucy'

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