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Please note - now only available as a 'download'  (sent from my computer directly to yours - it is a large file so will be sent manually - allow 15 mins for download) 

it also includes the theme song and Bible Songs as video songs


Sports Academy Holiday Club   
Ideal for an Olympic Year! - so this is ideal for those wanting a holiday club with a sporting theme!

Vacation Bible School. VBS theme / VBS Curriculum / 

Director of Christians in Sport gives this book a 'Gold medal'


A More Than Gold approved title.


Contains 5 complete 2 1/2 hour programmes plus extra ideas for a special service or event.


All the Bible Bopping Memory Verse songs are available on John's


'Bible Bop Workshop'  DVD+CD available on this website!

The Sports Academy Theme Tune is also included on the CD of Bible Bop Workshop

World class sport brings people together, but sport at the local level encourages people to exercise, eat good wholesome food, develop new skills, build team spirit and have a target to aim for. Above all, at both levels, there is no doubt that sport is lots of fun!


Many great sporting heroes come from very ordinary backgrounds - often its sheer hard work and belief in what they can achieve that earn them success. When linked to a life of faith, such stories of success can be compared to one of the great Old Testament heroes: David - a small town boy who made it big!


Running alongside the primary theme of David's rise from shepherd boy to the king of Israel, the material links the biblical teaching to contemporary living by exploring five essential ingredients of sport, not just for healthy living, but also as a tool for spiritual well-being on the journey of faith.


These are:

  • Looking after our bodies
  • Looking after our self-esteem
  • Looking after our well-being
  • Looking after our sense of team spirit
  • Looking after our minds

Contains five complete two-and-a-half hour programmes plus extra ideas for a special service or event.

Includes photocopy permission.


John's Publisher 'Barnabas' writes;

John Hardwick leads Creative Communications training events for those involved in children's ministry. He is regularly involved at Spring Harvest and other significant Christian events. He is also a member of the Barnabas freelance team and author of a wealth of very successful holiday club resources, including Champions!, Junior Heroes!, Starship Discovery and Razzamatazz Robots, all published by Barnabas.

If you would prefer a PDF Sports Academy book instead, then let us know when you make the order. 

Sports Academy Holiday Club

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