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A great present for older folks who often went to Sunday School and sung some of these songs! 

Meg Writes: Jo was 'Over the moon ", with your session at the nursing home. The patients thoroughly enjoyed your visit.


CD of Classic Sunday School Songs with a swing - plus a few of mine

01: Jesus bids us shine

02: Wide, wide as the ocean 

03: Jesus loves a little one like me

04: Nobody is a Nobody

05: He's got the whole world

in his hands

06: The best book to read is the Bible

07: For God so loved the world

08: This little light of mine

09: God's people

10: Blind eyes Jesus made to see 

11: Praise Him, Praise Him all the little children

12: Jesus never turned anyone away

13: Jesus loves the little children 

14: A Sunbeam

15: Some wanna be

16: Jesus loves me this I know

17: The Wiseman build

Old Sunday School Favourite Songs CD

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