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A Mega Mix of John's Resources including:  Disk 1: A CD of 29 Songs - Songs from Action Packed Praise 1 and 2  (this is a CD which will play on a CD player and computer etc) Disk 2: (only plays on computers - not a DVD) This disk includes several of John's resources,  Watch and Project the songs from 'Action Packed Praise 1+2' (33 songs on ‘video files’ AVI and WMV). Children's talks with Puppet sketches (ideal for primary school assemblies) book PDF Download - Book 13. 29 songs Sheet music for the majority of the songs from Action Packed Praise 1 and 24. John's Creative Communication training Session Seminar Notes; The Art of Story telling, Songs for all Occasions, Theme Illustrations and more!

Super Duper Double Disk

SKU: SDDD22343
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