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The Adventure Cruise DVD + Free CD


The Adventure Cruise  Holiday Club / VBS  and Midweek theme.


DVD and Free Master CD (With The Master CD - John gives you permission and encourages you to copy it and give it to children who come along to the Adventure Cruise Club as a little memento !!! - The CD includes the Watt Family Adventure, The Bible Stories, and the Songs)  

Keep up, if you can, with the Cool & Crazy Ships Captain as he leads through the Adventure Cruise Songs and sing along with DVD.

DVD  of Songs

1. The Adventure Cruise Theme Song

2. I will Never Turn Away

3. Remember

4. Everyone who calls

5. New Creation

6. All who L.O.V.E

Check out demo clip on youtube.


Free Master CD songs - (Remember- You may copy this CD to give to the children who come to your Adventure Cruise Club)

1. The Adventure Cruise Theme song,   2. Watt Family Adventure 1,   3.Out of His Way,   4.Bible Story – The Leper,   5. Song: I Will Never Turn Away   6. Watt Family Adventure 2,   7.Bible Story –  Feet Washed,    8.Song: Remember, Remember,   9.Watt Family Adventure 3,   10.Bible Story – Blind Bart,   11.Song: Everyone Who Calls,   12.Watt Family Adventure 4,   13.Bible Story: Little Zac!,   14.Song: New Creation,   15.Watt Family Adventure 5,   16.Bible Story –   Best mates   17.Song: All who L.O.V.E.,   18. Bible Story – The Worried Dad,   19. Song: Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ    20.Song: For God So Loved    21.The Choosing Song


Please remember; by Law songs used in churches services, including kid's clubs must be included on your CCLI (Christian Copy Right License)

Please also remember to see the Adventure Cruise Book

The Adventure Cruise DVD plus free CD

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