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Big Top Holiday Club explores the lives of some Old Testament heroes, the issues they face and how God worked in them and through them. We'll see how God is still at work in our lives today. 

Day 1:  The Strong Man - Samson!
Day 2:  The Escape Artist - Jonah!
Day 3:  The Fire Eater - Elijah! 
Day 4:  The Lion Tamer - Daniel
Day 5:  The Ring Master - Moses  

This will include a Big Top PDF holiday book but also the video songs and MP3 - all sent online.  (not an actual paper hardcopy book)

Currently only available on this website. 

Because of the size of the download, it is not an automatic download. I will send the downloads to you manually when I am aware of the order. 

Enjoy the Big Top holiday club.

Please spread the word!

The Big Top Holiday Club PDF download Book And MP3 /

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