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The Wackiest Wild West  VBS Holiday Club


“Yee-Haw! – Howdy Partner! Welcome to our Rootin-Tootin, Wackiest Wild West Holiday Club - EVER!” 

Eden Recommendations: John Hardwick's resources are absolutely packed with, well... everything! Plus it’s very adaptable and flexible. John Hardwick never fails to balance play, laughter & learning with perfection. Ideal for churches, who need a no-hassle resource. (Suitable for age 5-11's)


The Wackiest Wild West  VBS Holiday Download includes a PDF Book, MP3 songs and backing tracks & links to Video Songs, and the Watt Family videos.  The PDF book includes a Watt Family script, loads of craft ideas, games, puppet sketches, opening talks, theme visual illustrations, messy challenges, backdrop ideas, and so much more! 


The Watt Family (popular daily drama) finds themselves in the Wild West and have a Wacky adventure with Sherriff Big Boss Bad Breath going after The Frying Pan Kid - Granny Watt, The Faster Talker in the West - Wendy Watt, and Ricky the Kid...


The Wackiest Wild West Outline: 

1st: Wanted
Bad outlaws and bandits were often wanted for the crimes they had committed! We are wanted by God - not because of the crimes we have committed but because He is our loving heavenly father who wants to belong to His family! 
Bible Story: Moses and King Pharaoh
Baby Moses was wanted by his mum, the Egyptian Princess, and Pharoah for many different reasons! 
Bible Memory Verse Song:  Jeremiah 31: 3 - I have loved you with an everlasting love.  


2nd: Howdy Partner
We all need one another - and god also chooses to partner with us! 
Bible Story: God chose Moses! To set his people free - the burning bush
Bible Memory Verse Song:  1 Corinthians 3:9 - We are Partners working together for Him


3rd: Saddle Up - Ready for Action
Time to set out on the trail and travel with God! 
Bible Story: Moses has to face the mighty Pharoah but God is with him - The 10 Plagues. 
Bible Memory Verse Song:  Do Not Fear for I am with you! - Isaiah 41:10


4th: Dead End! 
The journey of life doesn't always go the way we expect and sometimes we seem to come to the end of the trail!
Bible Story: The Hebrews are finally free but then they are trapped by the Red Sea! But God is still with them and provides a way through! 
Bible Memory Verse Song:  God cares for you!  1 Peter 5:7


5th: Fools Gold! 
Sometimes in life, we can get distracted! In the Wild West gold hunters often spent their lives searching for gold but often found fools' gold. We can also be distracted by things that don't last, God's love last forever! 
Bible Story: The Golden Calf!  While Moses is meeting with God up a mountain the Hebrews get distracted and because of their disobedience they never make it to the Promised Land - but their children do follow God and do make it!  
Bible Memory Verse Song:  JOB 23:12 - I will always do as God commands...


6th: There is an extra teaching session including a puppet sketch, Watt Family adventure, and bible story that can follow on from the previous teaching and is ideal for an all-age service or family event! 


Holiday Club YouTube playlist:


Also check out John's Watt Family Christmas, panto style Nativity musical! - ideal Christmas follow-up event to invite holiday families along to.






Wackiest Wild West VBS Holiday Club Download

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